Mr. Hasan Mohammad Murshed
Mr. Hasan Mohammad Murshed
Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Science
Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Research Interest:    Animal Production, Meat Science, Reproductive Biotechnology
Contact No : +8801722594959
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Journal Articles:

1.J Alam, HM Murshed, SME Rahman, DH Oh. Effect of chitosan on quality and shelf life of beef at refrigerated storage. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science, 46(4), 2018, pp 230-238.
2. S Parvin, HM Murshed, MM Hossain, M Khan. Microbial assessment of chevon of Black Bengal goat. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 15(2), 2017, pp 276-280.
3. HM Murshed, M Al-Amin, SML Kabir, SME Rahman, DH Oh. Quality and Safety of Meat and Meat Products Available in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Journal of Meat Science and Technology 4(2), 2016, pp 61-70.
4. Md Safiqur Rahaman Shishir, Hasan Mohammad Murshed, MR Ahmed, Z H Khandaker. Effect of organic acid addition in low protein and energy diet on the performance of broiler. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 1(2), 2016, pp 29-37.
5. HM Murshed, MAH Sarker, SME Rahman, MA Hashem. Comparison of carcass and meat quality of Black Bengal goat and Indigenous sheep of Bangladesh. Journal of Meat Science and Technology 2(3), 2014, pp 63-67.
6. HM Murshed, SR Shishir, MA Hashem, SME Rahman, Deog-Hwan Oh. Effect of Sex on Carcass and Meat Characteristics of Indigenous Rabbit. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science, 43 (2), 2014, pp 154-158.
7. SR Shishir, HM Murshed, Bapon Dey, Mohammad Al-Mamun. Effect of Dry Neem Leaves (DNL) in the Reduction of Ammonia Level of Poultry Litter Compared to Biochemicals Amendment. Journal of Animal Science Advances, 3(7), 2013, pp 345-353.

Book Chapter:
1. S.M.E. Rahman, H.M. Murshed. Application of Electrolyzed Water on Livestock. In: Ding T., Oh DH., Liu D. (eds) Electrolyzed Water in Food: Fundamentals and Applications, pp 205-222, Singapore, Springer, 2019.

1. H.M. Murshed, SME Rahman. Study on Processing and Meat Quality of Major Divisions in Bangladesh, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany. 2016.

Bangladesh Agricultural University
B.Sc. A.H. (Hons)
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Assistant Professor
16 Feb, 2017 -
16 Feb, 2015 - 15 Feb, 2017
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